Be a cheerleader

There are a few ways one can raise their profile and get noticed in any community. This is an important skill as it pertains to business. You can be loud. You can be opinionated. You can be prideful and arrogant fighting injustices that only exist in your own mind. People will notice you. People may even […]

How to decide what should be an add-on

Deciding what get’s released as a paid add-on and what get’s rolled right into the free core plugin may be one of the most challenging things in your add-on business’s success. There are a number of different views on this topic but the two most common are as follows. The 80/20 Principle People who promote […]

What’s so great about the add-on business model

I could provide you a hundred great reasons why the add-on business model is one of my favorites, but today I’m only going to give you one. Building Loyalty Ever stopped to think why Apple users are so loyal? Why almost all they use are Apple products? Walk into any Starbucks and you will likely […]

Running the add-on business model successfully

I get a great deal of questions on how to be successful with the “freemium + add-ons” business model. I suppose the word has started to get out that Ninja Forms is doing really, really well and they want to know how we did it. The truth is we’re still doing it and we’re not […]

Be great without acting like it

There is a pitfall with being successful that is very dangerous because most never see it coming. It’s subtle at first and sneaks in under the radar with the success itself. Sure, for some it’s already latched itself onto it’s host far before the success, but that is not its usual way. What is this parasite that […]

Better affiliate onboarding

I have a love/hate relationship with the idea of affiliates. On one hand I’m not a fan of people only promoting my products because I’m offering them money to do so. On the other hand, if I believe in the products that I provide what do I care who sent them to me. Once referred […]

Better product onboarding

Our most popular product, Ninja Forms, is extremely powerful and flexible. I firmly believe it is the most feature rich free WordPress form building plugin available. But it’s not perfect. We’ve been thinking a lot about user experience over at the WP Ninjas and more specifically how it applies to users of Ninja Forms. I […]

Are you intentional about onboarding?

As I’m building momentum into this new year I’m thinking a lot about onboarding. Onboarding is basically the process of getting a new individual the needed information and skills to perform a task effectively. While the concept is most commonly used when speaking of new employees the idea applies to every area of our businesses. How […]

My goals for 2015

I probably should have posted this earlier, but regaining momentum after the long holiday season has been a little slower than I hoped. I think I’m getting there now so it’s time to really buckle down and focus. 2014 was a great year filled with huge wins for me professionally as well as personally and I […]

The dangers of success by numbers

A couple years ago when a friend posted his year-end review, someone else basically belittled him and told him that he could be doing so much better. This bothered me then and it still bothers me to this day. There has been a lot of discussion about some specific year-end reviews and the idea of sharing […]