Your log, their speck, my opinion

I always find it amusing when Christians get on their high horse about some topic. I had dinner with a friend tonight and He told me about the newest movie from the Harry Potter series. We both shared how we have heard some Christians come down on others for watching the movies or reading the books.

Before you draw your own conclusions about this post or my opinions let me make a few things clear. This post is not about whether it is right or wrong to keep up with Harry Potter but more about how many times we selectively condemn some things and yet approve others by our words or actions.

My reason for ranting is the fact that I have witnessed some people condemn Harry Potter and yet have no problem with sexually charged humor in movies. I am far more concerned with the far reaching impact of lust and sexual impurity than I am of the actual practice of witchcraft.

I’m not saying that witchcraft hasn’t hurt many but it seems to me that we are masters of majoring on the minors. We boycott Disney World but neglect the environment. We look down on smokers while we eat way to much. We speak up on homosexuality but look the other way when it comes to divorce.

My point is not to condemn one and sanction others but to simply get us to ask the question…are these Jesus standards or just mine. It seems that we should live by one and keep the other to ourselves. Just a thought.