You found us and that scares me

I thought it would be fun to share a few of the strange search phrases that people have used to find this blog. Strangely, I see why some of them would link to us but other just baffle me.

  • Kem Forklift – For all things “forklift” visit Verge.
  • The beggers waltz – Neither Kevin or myself are graceful enough to dance.
  • Driving subconsciously – I like to think that we teach a wide variety of things on this blog but this is not one of them…yet.
  • “cheap way to hang” – This one either. I didn’t realize there was an increasing economic strain for the hanging industry. This one is kind of disturbing. What is one thinking when searching for this term?
  • Scary looking people – I just hope this wasn’t linking to our About page.
  • White Christians attack – It’s not the white ones I’m worried about it’s the little blue ones. They’re relentless.
  • What is happening when a person is coughing up blood – Umm, I don’t know but it’s probably not good.
  • Craig Groeschel fraternity – The cats out of the bag, although Craig would probably prefer that all cats were put back into the bag. I am a part of the Craig Groeschel Fraternity. It’s lonely being the only member.
  • Forced or punishment haircuts – I thought we could keep our church discipline policies a secret for a little while longer but I have to admit I feel a bit relieved now that you know.