You can’t do it all.

But what if you can, should you? The truth is sometimes you can do it all. I can. When I look at the church I think to myself…I can do that. I believe God has called and gifted me to present his message so I will always give it my all. We need a website, a logo or even a video edited for Sunday morning? No problem. I am an Adobe freak and have been doing freelance work for years. We need someone to lead the band for praise & worship? Why do you think I learned to play the guitar? We really dodged a bullet there.

James, what do we do about refreshments? You asked the right person, did you know I helped start and run a coffee shop once? First Impressions? I have years of experience in customer service. Children’s ministry? I used to lead one.

I can keep the books, handle all the legal issues and even train the drama team. My past jobs and ministries have trained me to do all those things. I’m not even going to share what I learned from my jobs at a call center, plant nursery or my short stint as a door to door vacuum salesman. I’m not making this up…it’s all true.

Yeah there are a lot of things I can do but it doesn’t mean I can do them all extremely well at the same time. I am just one member of a much larger body. God gave me my niche as a conceptual thinker and overseer. My experience to be able to do it all is not so that I can do it all but so I can help others in their future life missions. In fact there is nothing on the above list that I am supposed to do other than the very first one.

I made the point in my last post that “everything is not high priority” for the church and now I would like to add the same for you as an individual. Find your strengths, determine your calling and then leverage them both properly. You will not only get a lot more done but you will do it with a lot more free time and a lot less stress. I think we could all use a little less stress in our lives.