Yet another redesign of

Anyone who knows me or who has followed LifePoint’s website either laughs or cries when the words redesign are even mentioned. I am of the philosophy that if it isn’t right…don’t settle. Strangely though, this redesign is not due to my opinion of the design or my unusual need to have to be in the middle of a project. Well, maybe a little of the latter.

This redesign is for information management. I need to allow other people to maintain the content on the website so that I can focus on my actual responsibilities. In order to do this I need a site that is easy for anyone to administer. There was also a lot of information that I believe is needed on the site. Here us a sneak peak at a portion of the header.

LifePoint Header

I can’t tell you when it will be available but I can tell you that it will provide the many people who visit it whatever they may need.