Writing less for more.

To clear up confusion, I am not referring to the last several weeks of nonexistent blogging. In fact I am referring to how I am trying to remedy that in the future. I have now been blogging for a little more than a year and a half and I have come to the conclusion that don’t write about as many topics as my previous categories suggested. I had 10 categories and some had become fluff or garbage categories. I have now dwindled it down to 5 categories that I think I will be able to manager much better. Here they are.

  • At LifePoint – This is where I will write about things specifically concerning the happenings of LifePoint. I will share things that are being implemented, events that are taking place and all the other LifePoint goodness.
  • Church Talk – This is where I will write about various general church topics such as planting, strategy, systems, and leadership issues.
  • The Art of the Talk – One of my main passions is communicating the Word of God. Here I will share my own practices and techniques for preparing and presenting messages. I will also write about what I am learning from other amazing speakers and life in general concerning communication.
  • One Minute Devotions – These will just be my short (hopefully) thoughts and observations from scripture, life and the twisted recesses of my mind about God and Christ-centered living.
  • Odds & Ends – Here is where I will place posts that I just felt compelled to share but that don’t fit in the main focus of this blog.

Some weeks I might write in all of these categories while others may focus on just one. That part I will leave to inspiration and circumstances. I don’t know how well this will work but then gain I would never know if I didn’t try.