Why I love it and why I am inviting you.

Several months ago we started something we call “First Sunday”. Basically on the first Sunday of the month we get together for lunch after Sunday morning service at the Ward’s house. We have great food brought by a bunch of people and a lot of fun. The reason I love this time so much is that it is so much fun to just casually hang out with LifePoint. There are cool people and complete dorks alike who all put aside their coolness and their dorkiness just to enjoy themselves and serve one another. And I would like to personally invite you my readers to join us on Sunday, March 2nd for this months theme…Salads. There will be large variety of different types so please come hungry for…salad. If that’s possible.

So why am I inviting you?

Anthropologists know that the best way to learn about a species is to study them in the wild. That is what First Sunday is to you. An expedition into the natural habitat of an actual LifePointer. You will find out thing you didn’t know about the species. Things like how much they love food and how sometimes inappropriate things slip out of their mouths…and I’m not talking about the food. You will learn that most LifePointers have a strange rite of passage where they all gather around a TV and act like rock stars. A strange practice to say the least.

What you will learn that will really amaze you is that the average LifePointer is a lot like you. Lots of unanswered questions but a desire to be around other people who believe that God can be experienced in our everyday lives. These people believe that it should happen through them and not just to them. So the question is…why wouldn’t you want to come.

I hope to see you there.