Why I am currently listening to certain music

I love music, as most of us do, but I am finding that I am listening to music for enjoyment or entertainment a lot less. That use to be the only reason I listened. Lately I have been wanting something more. I have been going through some major changes in the last several weeks. Some core beliefs have become much stronger and some shortcomings have been coming to the surface. Both are painful at times.

These changes have really had an impact on where I place my attention and time. I used to listen to the radio for about an hour and a half everyday on my way to and home from work, but that has left me feeling a little cheated in recent days. I love a lot of the music but it hasn’t stirred me and I think that is what I am looking for. I want music to impact me. I want it to reach into my heart and make me feel something. More importantly, I want it to make me feel some things that I believe God wants me to feel more deeply. There is nothing like that on the radio these days. Although I hate the distinction, this is true in both secular and christian genres. At least it’s true of the most modern music.

I recently dug back into my past to pull out some old music that does have that impact on me. I am not fond of all the musical styles a lot of the time but I love what the words of their songs do inside me. Some of these artists are Larry Norman, Keith Green and Steve Camp. Cheesy? Sometimes. But their hearts and lyrics are something that is missing in our generation. 

I don’t just want music that makes me feel better. I want music that makes me want to be better.

Am I wrong? Are there artists today that challenge us with the heart of God in a very profound way? If so, I would love to hear them.