Who Knows, Who Cares, Who Acts?

I have recently started a journey to understand the greatest needs in Cleveland, TN. I started by asking members of the launch team. I then added a survey to the church site for visitors to cast their votes. This past Sunday I asked our guests to share their opinions. I am also considering going door to door with a survey. My heart is to find the most neglected needs in Cleveland and start by addressing one of them passionately. Why only one? This is because we can help more being focused on one cause than spreading ourselves to thin trying to do something for many different areas.

It’s interesting to me that the poor of Cleveland, TN are what most have identified as the most neglected need. I only say that because there are so many programs for the poor and homeless in this area. Almost every church has a food bank or a clothing ministry. Some have soup kitchens while some have shelters. It seems that the poor of Cleveland are hardly neglected. Now I am not saying that they don’t still need more help, they do but they are obviously not the most neglected need. Someone once said, don’t stone me I am paraphrasing someone else, that you would have to be completely stupid to go hungry in Cleveland, TN with the amount of programs that are available. I would like to point out once again that I am not saying there is not more that could be done. I am not even criticizing those who cast their vote for this cause, just simply making an observation.

There is one need that has been on my mind. I have done quite a bit of ministry work at various nursing homes around the country and it saddens me that there are so many there who are forgotten about. Either family members have shipped them off, while others have simply out lived their whole family. I wonder how many are experiencing that that are not in nursing homes. How many are there who feel like they have been thrown out of society and are all alone? What can we do?

I just recently saw this story on CNN and it only reinforces my longing to see this changed. Is this the most neglected need in Cleveland? I don’t know but it is a need.