Where has James been?

I know that is the question on all of our readers minds. Alright, so that probably isn’t true but none the less I believe an explanation is in order.

I have been really busy. I didn’t say it would be a good explanation. I have been really busy at work on the release of our new website. As soon as it’s up I will let everyone know. There have also been some other big projects going on here at work that have been really consuming all of my normal moments of contemplation. I am not sure when this will change so I apologize in advance.

There have also been a lot of things going on at the church of course. Fixing processes, casting vision, hanging out with the best church goers in Cleveland, you know, that sort of thing. I will definitely be sharing more on that later.

In light of all of this I will be skipping this weeks Bible Exploration post but I will be posting our Matthew overview in a couple of days. If you are completely lost on what you are supposed to be reading please refer to the www.youversion.com reading plan.

Thank you all for your patience.