What makes a great entrepreneur may also make a bad one

Do you ever find yourself getting sidetracked from the more important tasks in your business?

This is something I battle with on an almost daily basis. Like many other entrepreneurs, I believe that if something needs to be done I can do it.

We’re not wrong. We can do it and we enjoy the discovery process of tackling a new challenge. It’s how entrepreneurs are wired.

The fact is that just because we CAN do the task doesn’t mean we SHOULD do the task.

The ability to do and understand a large variety of tasks as it pertains to your business is an awesome skill. The benefit is that you understand how all these smaller tasks fit together to form the bigger picture. You can articulate the vision to each area of your business because you have a working knowledge of all aspects.

This ability can also be dangerous because you will often find yourself working on areas where you won’t have the greatest impact. If your strongest trait is social interaction and marketing you probably shouldn’t spend too much time working on your current logo redesign.

This is the lesson I have to learn repeatedly. To prove I’m taking my own counsel here is a recent example.

I started in the web business as a designer. I’ve designed dozens of logos. When the time came that we needed to revamp the appearance of our business and products I was tempted to do it myself. After all I could save quite a bit of money that way. Then I considered how much money we wouldn’t earn because I was focusing on the wrong thing.

In the end we hired FocusLab, LLC to handle our rebranding while I focused on the areas I could have the greatest impact. Because of this I was able to help increase our sales by $8,000 a month on average at the same time as our branding was being worked on.

In order to be an entrepreneur you have to believe you can do anything that comes your way. To be a great entrepreneur you have to know when you shouldn’t.