What is status worthy to you?

Before I begin my thoughts I need to make a disclaimer. I asked various people from my congregation to post an invite on their Facebook walls. This was a very short while ago and therefore this post has nothing to do with whether they did or did not do it. This is merely an observation.

As most people who know me could tell you, I am a huge social media geek. Now I’m not an expert and I don’t use every service that exists but I feel I can hold my own when it comes to the bleeding edge of these various resources. Today I made a request to everyone from LifePoint to post an invite for an upcoming series that is beginning this Sunday. Once I did I started looking around Facebook and seeing what kind of things people post and consistently post and what I’ve discovered was interesting. At least to me it was.

Facebook is a place where friends share their lives or at least little portions of their lives with each other. Those things that make us laugh or even challenge us. All there for our friends and family to evaluate and possible be impacted by as well.

Church, for these purposes,  is the community of faith that one associates with.  It’s the group where one shares their journey with God. It’s most likely a place of great importance to those who attend because of the relationships that have been formed and the way God uses that specific community to make us laugh and impact us.

What I noticed on my little journey through Facebook is how little these two communities paths cross. I rarely see any status updates about my friends communities of faith. Never an invite to their Facebook community to join them in what is a key part of their lives. Accept for my pastor friends and they don’t count in this rant.

In the last 24 hours what I have seen the most is references to Farmville or Mob Wars. The latest important thing in my friends lives is “Team Coco”. To be honest, I don’t care where you stand on the late night talk show host wars. What I want to see is what’s really important to you. Then again, maybe I am.