What is our website saying?

I have a confession to make. I am never satisfied with websites I design. I have redesigned our church website over 4 times trying to find the one that works. The one we are currently using is done with Joomla for ease of updating and such but I am realizing that it has a lot of features that we just don’t need right now. I also don’t have any time to update it on a regular basis. This has caused me to reevaluate why we have a website in the first place. I have come up with an answer. First let me share what we do not need a website for.

  • Private member sections.
  • Fresh content…that’s why we have a blog.
  • Sharing absolutely everything we believe.

Of course none of these things are bad; in fact they can be very helpful but when you apply the “do less for more” principle you realize that we are not doing anything well on our website. So here is what we need from our website. Call it the “Big Idea”, the “One Thing” or whatever else you want to call it. This is what we want our website to convey.

  • Who we are and what you can expect…nothing more, nothing less.

The question is how do we go about doing that? Any suggestions? I also know that I will design it 3 times before it’s done. Any volunteers…::wink-wink::