We’re Not There Yet

I just saw this great post by Jessica Hagy. I would share the image from the post here but since here whole post is the image and I don’t like to reproduce someone else’s entire post I won’t. In it she demonstrates the comparative nature of us all. We all want to know if we measure up or have what it takes to accomplish something. Many times the our only way of evaluating that is by comparing what we have and are versus what others have and are.

It is no different among church leaders. We all want to have successful ministries, although some for the wrong reasons, so we try to have and be what another successful ministry has and is. The problem is you are not that ministry and with any luck you won’t be. God has positioned you to be a unique force in your community. That doesn’t mean that you won’t someday have the same tools, systems, and even vibe as those other ministries, it just means that your ministry is on its own journey. Enjoy that journey. Don’t miss what God is doing through you now. It is in the now that God is preparing you for the then.

You may not have the music, the media or a lot of the other resources many dynamic church ministries have and either did they in the beginning. What you have is faith in a calling and the One who called you. I like what Mark Batterson from National Community Church had to say, “Keep hustling, keep taking shots, keep doing the right things and eventually things will go your way.” Not an exact quote.

We need to stay focused on the game we are in or we may never make it to the game we hope to play.