We’re helping other churches without even knowing it.

When we started LifePoint we had nothing. We did however have a hope that we would someday be able to help other churches in the same ways we needed help. Well, not a lot has changed since then. We still don’t really have much and find ourselves needing to be extra wise with what we do have, but we have been able to help some churches in some little ways.

logo001A long time ago (11 months) we were trying to get a little focused and we tagged our blog with 3 L’s. The 3 L’s were Live, Learn, Lead. This was our goal in blogging. The logo to the right is from LifePoint Church in Aubry, TX. We ended up changing our 3 L’s to better fit the goals of LifePoint as a whole but I am sure that these old ones will work out for these guys. I am, of course, just kidding about having anything to do with why their church chose those three words for their mission, although it would be funny if we did. But here is one that is undeniably my doing.


Today someone sent me a link to LifePoint Assembly of God, formerly known as Evangel Assembly of God. The site didn’t really stand out to me, except for the logo. The reason the logo stands out to me is because I designed it. This was the first logo I designed for LifePoint while I was trying to create our basic look. In the end we didn’t end up using this one for very long so I am very excited that something I created is getting a second chance. LifePoint, I hope the logo works well for you.

In case you have some use for these, here are some of the other ways I displayed this emblem for fun. I’ll start with the original.

Original EmblemKarate EmblemPumpkin EmblemSnow Emblem

In the end we still are not at the place that we can help other churches as much as I would like to but we are already offering creative support, sometimes when we don’t even know it.