Weekend Recap // 10.18-19.08

I always have good intentions of witing on the wekkend but I am ready to let thet idea drift into oblivion. On Saturday I am usually preparing for Sunday. Putting finishing touches on the message, running errands, meeting with people or just spending some alone time with God. On Sundays I am just to tired and emotionally drained to write anything. That is why I will try and give you a recap of what happened instead. I hope you enjoy.

Saturday the 8th

  • Kevin and I had our usual morning meeting and errand run. We so desperately need to get organized and work some sort of system to get all that is in our haeds and heart into production.
  • Had lunch with our new friend Matt at Schlotzsky’s Deli. Matt is the GM there and a pretty cool guy. 
  • I haven’t eaten at Schlotzskys in about 6 years. I really liked it.
  • After my normal morning routine with Kevin I decided to go to Startbucks and just read and prepare myself for Sunday. I thought it would be a nice quite afternoon but then the whole neighborhood came and we hung out for 4 hours on the patio. It was nice.
  • Around 6:30 I tool Ed and Dooley to the Chattanooga Billiards Club for what I have determined to be the best cheeseburgers that I have had thus far.
  • We then went to our friends haunted house and went through it with a video camera. Mostly had fuun scaring Dooley. 
  • Got home at about 9:30 and then watched Ed edit the video so that we could show SUnday morning. That’s right! LifePoint got to watch their pastor go through a hanuted house during church.
Sunday the 19th
  • Well, you heard about the video (more on that in another post, maybe). Service was awesome and very difficult.
  • I have been teaching (if you can call it that) on the Holy Spirit over that last three weeks and today the topic was the gifts of the Spirit. I shared my current deepest convictions on the topic and challenged each of us to open our eyes to the working of God’s Spirit all around us and in unlikely places.
  • I also shared a prophecy that I received on May 25th of 1997. This was very hard for me. Probably my most emotional moment with LifePoint yet. I will be sharing that moment with you all in a post later this week.
  • The highlight of the service was being led in worship by my wife for the last song. With it already being a very emotional service for me, this really punctuated the whole thing.
  • Angela and I then went to lunch with a bunch of friends from church.
  • At this point I thought my day was over and that I would relax for the remainder of the weekend. I was wrong.
  • Without getting into details, I had a friend call and ask if I could help with the haunted house. So i called most of my praise and worship team and we went and helped scare people. We got home at about 12:30am. 
That was my weekend. How was yours?