Twitter me about it.

Apparently this whole Twitter thing just keeps getting bigger. I am trying to utilize the tool but just don’t have that many 140 character sized epiphanies to share. Maybe I am just not that interesting or maybe I can’t justify tweeting every little thing throughout my day. It would probably be pretty lame.

  • Eating a chicken biscuit, reading blogs. It’s a good morning.
  • Answering questions that were submitted from our website (
  • Restructuring the directories for our intranet.
  • My muscles are killing from my work out the other day. Can’t wait to be back in shape.
  • Updating our Rate sheets. We have the best around and they still suck.
  • Going to see Iron Man tonight. I expect it to stink but I am like a moth drawn to a flame.

Then again, maybe that is all Twitter is about. Maybe I am taking it a bit to seriously.