Twenty Thirteen is Going to be My Year!

These are the words I opened this year with and in all honesty I said them with a hint of wishful thinking. I had no reason to expect 2013 to be some terrific year for me. Kevin and I were about to launch 2.0 of Ninja Forms and completely change the business model but how it would be received and it’s possible success was really more a game of chance.

The year is almost over and I thought I would share just a few of the major life changes that have taken place just this year. My life has been an interesting one to say the least  and perhaps in the future I’ll write more about some of those adventures but for now lets stick with the highlights of 2013.

I quit my church

Since 2001 I’ve been pastoring a church in some capacity or another and in 2005 I started a little church plant in Cleveland, TN. This little church was my whole life. For the large portion of it’s existence it was my main focus and passion. This year I closed the church and we went our separate ways. We’re all still in contact but some have moved on to other churches and other are just laying low until they decide how they want to proceed.

This was an extremely hard move for me but I know the time had come. One huge life changing event complete.

I quit my job

At this point there seems to be a pattern emerging. It’s not the first time I’ve ever quit my job but it’s certainly the first time I did it when I was perfectly happy with my employer. I loved where I worked and the people I worked with. I just couldn’t keep it up with how much my own business was growing. The WP Ninjas do a minimal amount of client work from time to time but our main plugin, Ninja Forms, is really getting very popular. If Kevin and I want to continue to develop and support it with the quality that we have up till now I need to devote myself to it exclusively. So as of January, 2014 I will be completely focused on WP Ninja projects alone.

I’m going to be a Dad!

The most exciting news of all is that sometime in early to mid June of 2014 I’m going to be a dad. This is crazy to me and I’m not completely sure it has settled in just yet. Angela and I have been married for 15 years. We had thought about having kids much earlier but life and other decisions apparently had gotten in the way. Not any more and I couldn’t be more excited. It’s scary and I’m sure I will have plenty to write about that over the next… 18 years. I guess I’ll just leave it at that for the time being.

Looking forward

It has been a phenomenal year and I’m so grateful for all the good fortune my family and I have had this year. These are just the highlights and I couldn’t have predicted any of it happening. At the beginning of the year I made this statement with a whole lot of wishful thinking but now I proclaim with complete confidence ( and a healthy portion of caution )…

Twenty Fourteen is Going to be My Year!