True prosperity or just pretend.

It has been a crazy few weeks trying to get everything done but I think I am starting to pull it together. I haven’t had a chance to post much but there have been plenty of other blogs knocking it out of the park.

This particular one is by my friend, Zack. You can read his whole post here but here are a few quotes that stood out to me.

acquiring material things (and especially going into debt to get them) is not God’s idea of abundance! And yet, this is exactly what a lot of Christians have been doing for decades.”

“Somehow I don’t think that the American Express card in your wallet is what God had in mind when Paul wrote, ‘my God shall supply all your need according to His riches and glory by Christ Jesus.’ “

“Shouldn’t the church be, like Joseph was in Egypt, the example of abundance and prosperity the world will look to in a time of need? This way we can point them to the One who gave us the riches we posses while we’re helping supply their needs. Wouldn’t that be a tremendous testimony?”

Wow! Instead of being diligent stewards of what we do have, most of us go through life trying to look prosperous in hopes that we will look righteous. which leads me to add a thought.

The state of your finances is not necessarily God’s judgment or his approval to your current spiritual condition. We have had it shoved down our throats that anyone who is financially prosperous is highly favored of God which only leads to the conclusion that if we are financially challenged that it must be because God is not pleased with us. This is crap.

Whatever the state of your finances, God is pleased with the one who is seeking him.