Top 5 Posts of July 2007

I want to apologize for the lack of posting this week. I had a feeling it would be a light week but still don’t know why. Just something I felt/feel in my gut. That doesn’t mean I can’t share the most read posts of the past month though.

  1. On Proving God’s Existence – In this post Kevin explains that science is not in the position to prove or disprove God. Those who do not believe in God claim this as a cop out but it is in fact a fact. It seems that the pursuit of proving God is going to have to be left up to some other means.
  2. Harry Potter has gone to far – Of all the evils in the world…this is by far one of the worst.
  3. Your log, their spec, my opinion – This is all about drawing moral lines in the sand based on preference and not on righteousness. There is a difference you know.
  4. Carpel Tunnel – Kevin shares his physical woes. Since I haven’t heard about it since I have to assume that some of your suggestions helped.
  5. Tennessee Valley Federal Credit Union…Very Innovative – This started as a post to share how our local credit union was taking a chance at doing business differently and what we as the church can learn from it. It was then suggested that it was possibly a ploy to get a job with them that I applied for. In case you’re curious…I got the job.

Those were the top 5 posts of July but let me share one more as an honorable mention. This was my favorite post this past month simply because it finally clicked for me in a way that it hadn’t until now.