Top 5 Posts in June ‘07

You didn’t ask for it but you’ve got it, the top 5 posts here at Verge.

  1. Response to Comment by Rook Hawkins of the Rational Response Squad – This was a post by Kevin (who actually has a degree in History) responding to Rook Hawkins (who has read a lot of books that say what he wants). To see where it all began you can look here, here and here.
  2. Mind Mapping – This is a process that was new to me and really has helped me become productive in all things creative. I really need to share more about it sometime.
  3. Manager vs. Leader – This is just a few of my thoughts on leadership that I posted while looking at my own leadership style.
  4. How well do you really know your rock & roll? – In this post I show how little I pay attention to the music I listen too. Try it for yourself.
  5. “Straw Man” the New “So” – Just a rant on my disdain for this excuse to not have an answer for your claims.

So here are the top 5. I hope you enjoy them again.