Top 5 Posts from August ‘07 to October ‘07

Sadly the past three months have been a slow blogging time for us. The stats say that we have only posted 47 times in this period where in comparison we posted 60 times in July alone. With this in mind it seems appropriate to share the top 5 posts throughout the past 3 months.

  1. Manager vs. Leader – This one is back from June but it has received a surge of visitors in the past few months which have pushed it to #1.
  2. Christian Bloggers & Halo 3 – Everyone likes a challenge and in this post Kevin calls out other ministry leaders who might have a little OCD for Halo 3. In fact I think the challenge is for any of our readers. I’m not that great.
  3. It’s Boycott Time Again – Kevin ruffles a few more feathers by telling us that people who don’t believe what we believe shouldn’t be expected to pretend like they do. Heresy!
  4. Religious vs. Spiritual – Which one are you? This post was simply an announcement of a series that we were starting at LifePoint. I’m not sure why it got so many looks. If you search for religion there are better posts available.
  5. How do you choose between a need and a need? – It’s a simple open question. There are so many needs around that the church can help with but no church can do everything. So, how do you decide what your church should do?

There you have it. Enjoy!