Thinking vs Feeling

Have you ever taken the time to evaluate how and why you make the decisions that you make? I have been thinking about that a lot lately and an email that I received last night brought it to the front of my mind. In the email a friend explained how her personality type is INFJ and that she is led greatly by her feelings. Which begged the question, how am I led to the choices that I make?

I took that same test here and it said I was an ENTP. You can see my actual breakdown here. As you can see it says that I am primarily a Thinker and tend to make my decisions based on facts and logic. There is no doubt that that is sometimes true but then there are times when I am deeply led by my emotions on a subject. I wondered am I thinker or a feeler. Then I looked a little closer to the numbers that this little test produced. 53% thinker and 47% feeler. A statistical dead heat. 

The truth is I am both a thinker and a feeler and the one that is dominant depends on what I’ve been allowing myself to consume in the way of information. At any point in time when you run into to me you may be talking to James the Originator or James the Advocate

That of course got me thinking about what kind of information tips me one way or the other. I determined that facts, systems and logic cause me to think where as stories cause me to feel. I know that may seem like an obvious statement but this has me thinking about every area of my leadership including how I communicate the weekly messages. I have come to believe that a good leader has to learn to live within the tension of what makes sense and what feels right. The two many times don’t agree but a good leader can usually tell the difference.