They’re on to me…

My secret is out. I thought it would take a year or at least few months after we started meeting regularly. We haven’t even launched yet. Young? Sure. Destined to fail? Seems fair. Bit off more than I can chew? Absolutely. I expected that it would happen eventually but I had no idea that it could start so soon.

The church has been accused of being a cult. I guess since the church hasn’t officially launched yet that I have been accused of being a cult leader. I find this slightly amusing since I tend to go opposite the flow of the stereotypical cult leader. I’m not very charismatic. I don’t claim to have any new revelation, unless the gospel is new. I don’t in any way try to isolate our launch team. In fact I encourage them to hang out with people who are not connected to us. I ask for input from critical thinkers. I am sure there are other examples but that would be a waste of my time.

If you are going to attempt something big for God you had better prepare yourself for a whole lot of accusations. Now you may ask, how do you know if you should take some accusations seriously. Here two simple rules.

  1. Did they come to you directly?

If not, then dwell on it no longer. If they are not willing to confront you personally then they are simply gossiping and you shouldn’t waste your time on outside gossips. The truth of the matter is that most gossips haven’t taken the time to get the whole story and therefore are speaking out of ignorance.

  1. Do they love Christ, the church and you?

Why would you ever take criticism from someone who does not meet the above three is beyond me. There is not much more to say about that.

I don’t think my accuser reads this blog but in the long shot that they may let me just say that I am saddened by the lies that you are spreading. I also want to thank you. You have accelerated me to the next level of the church launch. At pre-launch I am only supposed to be told how unreachable my goals are and how failure is inevitable. Your accusations weren’t supposed to come for another year or two. I guess that means big things are ahead.