They write the songs that make the whole world sing.

OK. Maybe not the whole world but I like them. In case you don’t know, I am talking about the LifePoint band. In the excitement of all that happened last night I forgot to talk about some of the other things that are happening concerning the LifePoint launch. As everybody knows, music is crucial in todays culture. Really music is crucial in every culture but I live in todays culture so thats the one I will focus on. In a new church launch it can be very difficult to find someone to handle the music much less deal with sound equipment and the like. LifePoint is rare in this arena.

From the beginning we have always had musicians around us. I’m not talking about the person who knows a few chords on the guitar and thinks they are a big rock star. I am talking about highly skilled and dedicated musicians. I am talking about write their own music and have a CD musicians. Sure the Cd’s are self-produced but they don’t sound like it. I’m not bragging. I am just sometimes shocked that with all the things we don’t have, we still have so much. With that in mind, I wanted to take some time to introduce the current band and say a big thank you for their commitment to the mission and vision of LifePoint Community Church.

The LifePoint Band

  • Preston Parris – Band Leader, Guitar, Vocals

I have known Preston for a few years now and he still never ceases to amaze me. He plays every instrument, writes songs and is a great producer as well. His attention to details that no one else can hear makes every project sound amazing and take forever to get finished.

My three word description: Gifted – Precise – Anal

  • Jason Carlone – Bass Guitar

I have only known Jason for a few months but he and his family have attached themselves to what God is doing in this small group of church launchers. Serving in any way possible and just a huge encouragement. He isn’t bad on the bass either. From the day he started he clicked.

My three word description: Willing – Able – Busy

  • Dustin Curry – Drums

What can I say about Dustin? Another man who can play any instrument and can write some amazing songs. In the several years I have know Dustin he has been an extremely passionate individual. His energy adds to everything he participates in. I can’t wait to see him play  on the 21st. Dustin has a solo CD project coming out soon and I will be sure to tell you more when it comes out.

My three word description: Passionate – Wild – Skinny

  • Marisa Poplin – Vocals

Besides being one of the more amazing song writers I know she also plays guitar and is one of the most socially connected people I know. Her ability to sustain relationships is surpassed only by her ability to write songs about those relationships. Marisa is a loyal friend with a huge heart. She also has a CD coming out in January that I will talk more about soon.

My three word description: Emotional – Connected – Bard

So there you have it.  The current LifePoint Band. Don’t read to much into those three word descriptions. They are the best and I’m not just saying that because they are what we have.  They really are amazing. I listened to them practice on Wednesday night and it was very cool. Our first service is going to be loud.

In other exciting LifePoint band news. Preston talked to a person who shall remain nameless because I don’t know if he wants me telling the world about him. He actually owns and operates, skilfully I might add, a nice sound and lighting system. He has agreed to not only let us use the equipment but operate it for us at the first service. You know who you are and thank you.

Thats it for now.