The Vulnerable Pastor – Part 1 (of 6)

In a young church like ours this may not happen quite like this but bear with me.

It’s Sunday morning. You have just sat through about 30 minutes of music and now it is time for the message. A person that you know nothing about gets up to share what God has been revealing to them. Who is he (she)? We listen to them week after week but do we really know them from their occasional anecdotes.

The truth is that most people who attend church never really know their pastor. How could they? The pastor is busy running everything and making sure that the church stays on track. The pastor has so many people to meet how could her possibly find the time to get to know them all on a real personal level.

This was my experience of my pastor growing up. I grew up in Upstate New York at a church called Mt. Zion Ministries. My pastor was Michael Servello Sr. He was (is) an amazing man of God and I still have such great memories of his leadership. The church at the time was about 800 to 900 people but he seemed to know everyone in such a personal way. I rarely got to talk to him myself but he always remembered my name and seemed to know more about me and my family than I thought was possible. He did this with everyone and it always impressed me. A little while ago though I started to wonder, although he seemed to know everyone, how many people actually knew him?

In this series of posts I am going to share some things about your pastor that you may not know. They are definitely true of me and I am pretty confident they are true of your pastor as well, regardless of what church you attend. My hope is that it will help with some of the many misunderstandings that take place between pastors and their congregations. On a personal level I hope it will help all of you LifePointers get know me a little better and perhaps understand where I am coming from and where we are going.