The Principle of the Path by Andy Stanley

_140_245_book41coverHow do I get there from here? It’s a simple enough question with an answer that doesn’t come easy to us when we are on the journey. We have goals, dreams and aspirations but our actions say that we believe what we do today doesn’t affect where we end up tomorrow.

In the Principle of the Path, Andy Stanley tackles this great disconnect between our intentions and our direction by pointing out that only one actually determines our destination. He warns that every path has a destination of it’s own regardless of where you wanted to end up so choose wisely.

Andy Stanley does an excellent job in this book of laying some of the foundational principles of wisdom. Although it feels like it’s a second stab at one of his earlier books, The Best Question Ever, I’m glad he took the time to approach the topic from a different angle. I highly recommend this book to…anyone. It doesn’t matter what stage of life you are in. This book opens up the seemingly obvious to the un-admittedly oblivious.  Of which I am chief on more occasions than I care to share.

This Principle of the Path is an easy read about a simple reality that governs our complex lives.