The Primary Communicator – Part 2 (of 5): Why Me?

Although no one has ever asked the question, my own insecurity always assumes people wonder why I am the primary communicator. Another way I assume they might be looking at it is that I am the Lead Pastor and therefore that is why I am the primary communicator. So in this installment of the series I will explain why I am the primary communicator. This is meant to help other teachers or those who considering the journey,  not the people who might question their validity, although it may help them too.

First let me share all the reasons that have NOT factored into why I am the primary communicator. First of all it’s not because I am the most educated. You can probably tell that just by reading this blog. I have two people in particular on our teaching team that are far more educated than me. One is a co-writer on this blog and the other a professor at Lee University.

Another reason that wasn’t really considered is the fact that I am the Lead Pastor. I know that seems strange but the Lead Pastor does not have to be the primary communicator. They must be a passionate communicator of the vision but that does not necessarily mean they must be the PRIMARY communicator. It helps if they are but many churches have shown that that is not a non-negotiable issue.

Finally, it is not because I am the best speaker. The reason I say that is because speaking style varies and each reach different audiences. My style may appeal to some and not to others. Dr. Ward’s style may really hit home with some and turn other people away. Kevin may be very influential with one group of people and yet get no response from another. Style is just that…style, but not a reason to choose a primary communicator.

Now don’t get me wrong, the above mentioned areas assist a primary speaker but they do not create the primary speaker. I am always trying to continue my education. The fact that I am the Lead Pastor makes it easier for people to hear me out and my style does matter as it relates to effectiveness. But the reason I am the primary communicator is because God called and gifted me to do it for LifePoint.

If you have been called to primary communicators role do not be intimidated by those with a better education, surround yourself with them so that you can learn more. Do not be frustrated that you don’t have the title; after all it is Holy Spirit and not your position that changes lives. And do not be discouraged if you are not the best speaker to ever walk the earth. You are the best speaker for the people God has sent you to.