The Primary Communicator – Part 1 (of 5)

Communicator’s come in many different shapes and sizes and by that I mean each of us have our own strengths and quirks. I heard about one communicator who admitted that he is always extremely nervous before getting up to speak. Some read their messages word for word with amazing style and grace while others use no notes at all. Some use teaching teams to develop content and some do it themselves. I know great communicators who plan 2 months out for a message and others who let messages ferment until the night before and then organize their thoughts.

Communicator’s come in many different shapes and sizes and by that I mean there is no one right way to do it. The question is, how should you do it? I personally have tried all of the above while trying to discover my own style and voice. What I have learned is that no one person’s style or process works for me in its entirety.

In my own discovery process I read a ton of books and tried out their way of communicating right down to the very last letter. When that didn’t work for me I went on to the next book. After sometime I have created my own style which is more of a combination of all that I’ve learned.

Over this series of posts I will share what some great communicators have taught, recommend some books, share my own way of doing it and then hopefully offer underlying principles that will help you discover your own style and process.
As we begin this journey why don’t you let us know who your favorite communicators are? Maybe I’ll bring them up in this series.