The Official Launch

Easter Sunday is right around the corner and this means a lot to me for many reasons. Of course you have the implications of our faith but that’s a given but I also have the fact that this is our first official launch service and because of that it is our first official message series. I believe we should always put our best into everything that we do but because this is our first I feel like there is a little more pressure for some reason. With all of these things in mind I thought I would briefly share with you what we are doing for our “Easter Launch Service”.

We have decided to kick off our first service starting a series about families. In our culture families look a lot different than they used to but the underlying problems that cause strife within those families have remained the same. We treat symptoms and wonder why they never really clear up. Parents don’t understand their children; children don’t want to understand their parents and husbands and wives continue to drift farther and farther apart. We will take four weeks starting on Easter and deal with the deeper issues that tear families apart. I will get into more detail concerning individual messages topics in later posts.

Now for the packaging, we are calling this series “House” based on the TV show. Using scenes from the show to illustrate or open up individual topics or points. By using the medical theme we can talk about the fact that many times the symptoms that we are dealing with are not being caused by the surface things we think but by deeper issues.

So now it’s time for my favorite part or at least it will be if I can get some of you to comment. I have some questions for you and would love to hear your opinions.

  1. What are some things you would talk about on a series of this type and why?
  2. If you were us, no money, how would you attempt to market this launch service?

Help a new church out and offer your opinions and then I will share with you some of the things we are trying currently as well as if some of your ideas helped us out. I look forward to hearing from you.