The “NEW” LifePoint website unleashed!

Several days ago I wrote a post called, “What is our website saying?“. The whole point was that sometimes we try to build so much into our websites that we just end up over-complicating the whole thing. As a new church our only need for a website is to tell people who we are and how to find us. That will not always be the case but at the moment it is. So here is a screen shot of our new website that I put together over the past few days. You can check it our live here.

The new LifePoint website

In building it I wanted to accomplish just a few things.

  1. Give people the information they are wanting when visiting a church website.
  2. Give them a place to get regularly updated information.
  3. Give people an idea of what they can expect “when” they visit.

This site is far from done but it is fully functional. Here are a few of the features that I built into the site to create some elements of connecting and inviting.

  • The ability to subscribe to our newsletter from the main page.
  • Information on our current series with the ability to send it out as an E-vite.

I would love to know what everyone thinks. Suggestions are greatly appreciated but remember to be nice, it is still a work in progress.