The most important thing

Over the next several Wednesdays I want to share a few things that I have learned about communicating. These are things that I have learned from books, observations and experiences. Many of them I learned during my time traveling with the New Life Drama Company.

There are three elements in every speaking situation. The speaker, the message and the audience. Understanding the most important element is the first step in being a dynamic communicator. Here is the answer and the reasoning.

  • The Speaker – As a speaker we sometimes want to think that we are the most important element but in fact we are the least important. Given the right message and an attentive audience anyone can deliver information. Remember that God spoke through a donkey (Numbers 22:21-38) the next time you want to toot your own horn.
  • The Message – This one is easy to get hung up on, especially for preachers. Don’t hear me saying something that I am not. The message of Christ is the most important message one can communicate. It is THE MESSAGE among all other messages but it is still not the most important element in a speaking situation. Just ask the most prolific speaker with the most dynamic message when no one is there to listen.
  • The Audience – Consider the key verse of the entire Bible, John 3:16. Allow me to paraphrase, “For the Speaker so loved his Audience that he gave his Message with purpose.” There was no reason for Christ to give himself if there were no people to receive him. It’s so simple and yet many times we miss it.

As communicators of the most important message of all we need to love our audience more than ourselves. We choose how effective each sermon will be when we place these three elements in proper perspective.

As always, your comments are welcome.