The Lost Tomb of Jesus

I couldn’t resist and therefore I owe all of you who were looking for more rants in the “Lost Tomb of Jesus” saga an apology. Unless something new comes up I’m not sure there is anything else to say on the subject although I may be wrong. This post should have been called the “Lost Tomb of Hugh Laurie”. My favorite show currently is HOUSE. A great show with great characters and an amazing actor named Hugh Laurie. As I was pondering what he was doing prior to this new great show I stumbled onto the fact that he used to be on a show called Fry and Laurie that aired on the BBC. You can do a search for Fry and Laurie on YouTube to watch various clips. Hugh Laurie was also on Inside the Actors Studio where he performed one of his songs that he wrote for the Fry and Laurie show. It is that song that I share with you now.