The Launch Team

There are many different philosophies and models for starting a church but I can’t speak experientially on all of them. Instead I would love to give you some insight on the one that I am using. I would also like to go on the record saying that there is no one right way to start a church. It takes all different kinds of churches to reach the many different people that exist. It would stand to reason those different churches would have different ways of starting as well. Here is the approach I have taken.

I started with the mentality that I wanted to launch large. It wasn’t about numbers; at least not in the way that most people think of numbers and church. I realized that there were advantages to having a large crowd. One is that most people like to get lost in a crowd in a new environment. They don’t want to be under the microscope. Another reason for launching large is that it creates momentum. People want to come back to a place where something is happening, even is they don’t know what it is. With these and many other things in mind I decided that this was our direction; but what comes next?

There are a lot of things that go into a Sunday morning service. There’s music, children’s church, nursery, greeters, ushers and on and on. How do you provide all these things? In some cases you don’t. You have to decide who your target is and structure you Sunday morning to reach that target. Think of each element as a way of getting people to get one step closer to God. Once you have your list you will then see that it is still way to much to do for a pastor and his family. That’s when you build a launch team.

What is a launch team? It’s a group of people who have signed onto your vision for the church, if only for a short while. These people are the champions of Sunday morning and beyond. They will help you work all the areas you have determined to be important to your target. Some will become permanent fixtures of the vision while many will just be contractors of the faith. Either way these people are crucial to launching large. Since this post has already run way to long I will be following it up with some posts on how to build a launch team and what to do with the once they are there.