The Jesus Tomb

I just finished watching “The Jesus Tomb” and the debate that followed. Now I am neither a scientist nor a historian but I do have a logical conflict with these assumed findings. I realize that what I am about to share are my own assumptions and pondering so please don’t take this as a scientific, historical or even theological argument, they are just thoughts. Of course I don’t think the documentary had a valid scientific, historical or theological thought either but that is a topic for another time.

In the documentary it is assumed that the followers of Jesus took His body and placed it in a family tomb. As tradition would dictate they would return after one years time to finish the burial process by placing the bones of the body into an ossuary. According to the film His followers inscribed his name on the ossuary as well as the names of His family on their respective ossuaries and kept them all in this not so discreet family tomb. A compelling tale to some but what if you add the context of the day they were living and the mission of those who would have buried Jesus. Let me attempt to add at least a bit of that context.

Let’s for just a moment set aside our specific beliefs and look at what we know the followers of Jesus were trying to accomplish based on how they acted during this time of history. These men and women claimed that Jesus was God and that He rose from the dead and ascended to Heaven. These people not only taught these things but died teaching these things. At the risk of life and liberty they continued to profess this idea of the resurrected Son of God. Now let’s attempt to place ourselves in their shoes or sandals if you will and ask ourselves how people who go to such extremes to promote a certain thought would have responded when faced with the body of Jesus.

Our claims of the resurrected Christ are sure to be investigated. We are certain that we will not be believed by most and hated by many. People will stop at nothing to silent our claims of the risen Christ. But there’s a body. If anyone finds it we will be found out to be frauds who are promoting not just a fairytale but heresy. So we create the greatest plan of all time. We decide to steal the body and hide it in a very visible tomb. Once there is nothing left of the body but bones we will place it in an ossuary and clearly inscribe it, Jesus son of Joseph. Then when the rest of His family dies we will do the same to them and keep all their ossuaries together. We know our claims will be challenged and so we will display our fraudulent claim for all to see because that is what people who are trying to create converts do.

I hope you caught my sarcasm. Why would people who are willing to die to continue a cause label an ossuary to the one they claimed had risen and then place it with ossuaries that would at least cause suspicion that it was the family of this so called Son of God.

Like I said earlier, I’m no historian but I find it hard to believe they would have been so completely and undeniably stupid.