The first teaching team meeting

A week ago Kevin posted about our new teaching team. I have always wanted to use a collaborative approach to message preparation but almost always revert back to Saturday night cramming sessions. I don’t know about anyone else but sometimes I like I can’t really pull all my thoughts together until then. This is more of a discipline issue than anything but still it has been the norm.

This past Monday we had our first official teaching team meeting. We are focusing on the series starting in May but are having to work a little double time to get ourselves ahead of the messages a little bit. I was worried how it was going to go since we sometimes get a bit ADD. Overall the meeting went really well. I was very pleased with the direction and felt like there was some good chemistry and varying lines of thought.

This was our first meeting and we still don’t really know what we are doing with this kind of preparation process but if this meeting was any indication than we are in for some awesome messages here at LifePoint.