The Exchange, Homeless No More

Two and a half months ago we stopped meeting at the Premiere Movie Theater. We had no other place lined up so it was most definitely a step of faith.

The basic thought was the theater didn’t fit who we are and was much larger than we needed which made it difficult to do well. It was also far out of town which made us almost invisible. Even with all it’s down sides the space was comfortable. So comfortable that it didn’t challenge us to be who we were supposed to be, So we left.

Since that time we have been meeting in one of our homes and tried that whole home church thing on for size. It definitely had it’s challenges. No space for kids and a living room is a little small even for our size. So we kept looking and have finally secured a location that I think is going to be the perfect first step for our community of Faith.

Our new home is 2173 North Ocoee Street.

Let me give you a small list of all the benefits this new space affords us.

  • It’s cheap – By that I mean it is inexpensive enough that it will add absolutely no financial strain on us as we move forward.
  • It’s cheap – I know I already said that but what that also means is that we can afford to fix the place up just as we want it from the very beginning. I think it’s going to look pretty awesome when it’s done.
  • It’s highly visible – Up until now every location has been almost completely hidden from the public eye. This location offer plenty of signage in a high traffic area.
  • It’s within walking distance of Lee University – Let’s be honest. We love the students there and it’s nice to be so close for those who may like to join us.
  • It has plenty of parking – The other businesses in the area are all closed on the weekends and evenings so we have the run of the place. I estimate there is space for about 30+ cars at our location alone and plenty of empty space right next door.
  • It’s our all week long – No more setting up and tearing down. And we can have events all through the week if we like. This opens up the possibility to start an open mic night and other types of events.

These are just a few of the reasons I’m so excited about this new opportunity. I hope that you are all as excited as I am. Watch your Facebooks, email, and phones. We are going to need some help getting this place up and running.

One last announcement. We are projecting to be in our new location as early as October 10th and no later than the 17th.

Everyone spread the word, The Exchange is coming to a neighborhood near you…