The Business of Church Sucks

It seems that several times a week I get an email inviting me to the newest conference or coaching network. There is one pastor of a fairly larger church who I somehow got on his mailing list as well. A couple times a week he tries to get me to buy his series on getting your congregation to give more, how to build a stronger community or some other topic that is surely helpful to pastors. Instead of encouraging me it makes me deeply sad, especially when these ads come from pastors.

My perspective is that we are involved in the most crucial mission ever when serving our local churches. I believe that in spite of those who have given the church a bad name, the local church is God’s idea and He plans on using it and does use it in a powerful way. This doesn’t change the fact that this work is hard, very hard. There are so many challenges that pastors face and to be honest we need help from those who have gone before us. So why would you try and sell resources that might help another local church become a success at doing God’s work?

This is especially true if you are a pastor. Have you lost the mission? Is it just a business to you? Would you not be more fulfilled knowing that you have created a healthy church  movement than just getting that $79.99 for your latest DVD series. Are you building your brand or Christ’s church.

Mind you, there are a small handful of churches that are giving away their resources for free for the betterment of all God’s work but these are far fewer than they should be.

Perhaps you’re thinking, “James, you are just a struggling pastor who is likes to complain, what are doing about it?” That is an excellent question. I new I couldn’t make this point unless I was willing to believe in the mission of the local church as much as I am calling others to. This is hard for me because I work a full-time job, pastor a church and do freelance web design in between all those. My time is limited but I have to be a part of the solution and not the problem. Here is what I’m doing.

FREE custom design website for a church. I have committed to building websites for new or struggling churches for free. I have no idea how many I’ll be able to do but for now I am taking submissions for the first one and we will see how it goes.

ChurchHelpr Application. ChurchHelpr is an online church management application that focuses on people and service data to help pastors improve communication and make better decisions. It will be simple and for most churches it will be free. There will be a cost to cover server load but that is based on a church that is grown to a point that they can support it for church that can’t.

Kevin & I are now taking requests for a private alpha testing period that will begin in about two to three weeks so please get you names in soon.

This is what I can do. What would happen if we all did something?