The blog break is over!

I’m back, at least somewhat. I took the last week and a half off from the blogging world. Not only did I not write any posts, I didn’t read any either. The main reason was a busy schedule followed by a need to disconnect from information for a bit. Sometimes you can get so much information that you can’t properly assimilate it all. I read so many great blogs that the wealth of wisdom thrown at me in a day could feed most people for a year and since I have always longed to be an over achiever I try to digest it the very same day. I have finally learned that is not possible and that I need to be a selective blog consumer. The hard part is that many times I have to let a lot of really good things go by in order to give attention to what I really need right now. There is a lesson for the church in there I promise.

There are some good points and bad points to taking a blog break. Let me share my list of pros and cons.


  • A little extra time with the thoughts inside your head without the voice inside other peoples head stealing your attention.
  • More time to get other things done. This is what I used my time for more than anything else.
  • Sometimes you just need a break. It’s nice to not feel like you have to do something. Why I would feel like this with a blog is beyond me but I do. Sure I want to do it but sometimes it’s just another item on the to do list.
  • It’s a way to find out what blogs aren’t really that important to you. Some blogs I just couldn’t wait to catch up on while others will probably be removed from my subscriptions. For those of you that won’t make the cut, I’m sure your heart broken but maybe you will find your way to my reader again one day.


  • Have you ever let your reader collect a week and a half worth of posts from fifty different blogs. Let me just say yikes! That’s when I really learned that I needed to be a selective blog consumer. Google reader stopped counting after 100 and just added + after it.
  • I missed some good conversations that have since moved onto other topics.
  • Who knows what pithy something I might have spontaneously wrote that no one will be able to partake of because I was busy not writing pithy somethings.

Those are just a few but I am glad to be back and blogging again. I have some things on the burner just waiting to be served up hot. I bet you can’t even wait…