The #1 question asked at the Exchange

A church moving into a new location can be a very exciting thing. It creates anticipation and buzz. All kinds of questions begin to arise. At the Exchange my desire is that we would be a place to get answers to all those questions. No necessarily by any one individual or sermon but the exchange that takes place in the community.

What’s interesting in our move to this new location is  the buzz it’s created outside of our small church. People who are not even connected to our little circle are talking about our move. As people walk by they are intrigued by the renovations that we are doing. Some even stop in to ask questions even though we haven’t officially opened up to the public.

So today I thought I would ask the #1 question that we have been asked since we started working on the new location.

Question: Where has the ARK moved to?

Great question although some might be wondering why this question is pertinent to our new church location. The reason is the ARK used to be in the same basic building that we are now meeting in.

Answer: 240 Oak St NW, Cleveland, TN 37311

As more questions are asked you can be sure that I will answer to the best of my ability.