Tent City and Delayed Reactions

On Tuesday morning the Norfolk Southern Railroad bulldozed what has come to be known as Tent City, a plot of land near then tracks that has become home to 30 to 35 homeless individuals. Area charities, organizations and ministries have tried to assist the homeless during this upheaval and many have shared their discontent and even anger over the unfortunate events. You can read more about this here.

“Tent City Dwellers Get Help”

“Bulldozing Carried out at Tent City”

I have to admit that when I first heard about this I was extremely upset but the more I thought about it I got even more upset. Not because of all the homeless who were now…homeless. Not because of the big bad railroad company that cared more about property than people. I was angry at all the people who were angry…including me. I don’t want to point the figure at other people so I will just point at myself.

Where was I before Tent City was bulldozed? Did I think that Tent City was a sufficient enough solution to begin with? Is my outrage a way for me to feel better about this unfortunate situation; as if being angry somehow shows I care? I’m sure there were a few people who were doing things for the homeless before the eviction but not nearly as many as are now speaking up on the issue and certainly not me.

I realize that these seem like harsh questions but I’m thick and it sometimes takes tough questions to crack my shell. At LifePoint we are currently doing a series called Heroes where we are discussing the idea of being actively against injustice and yet sometimes the only thing active is my big mouth and my misguided opinions. Here is the truth of the matter. I had not even heard of Tent City until this story came about.

Is this a terrible turn of events? Yes. But what is the real tragedy is that many thought Tent City was a proper solution to begin with. And that’s my misguided opinion.