Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 6

Today is my wife Angela’s birthday. In celebration I took her to the symphony last night. I like classical music but I was a little apprehensive about sitting in a theater for 2 hours to listen to it. I am one of those small dose listeners. I did learn however that the symphony, like most things, is better live.

When we first walked in the theater you could already tell how talented the musicians were. Each musician was tuning their respective instruments and although you could somewhat tell how beautiful each instrument sounded, collectively it was not so appealing. When the symphony started it was a different story altogether. The music was amazing. What was the difference between the performance and the tuning? Why did one sound better than the other. I know that this seems like a silly question but give me a moment to ramble.

The musicians were the same, the conductor was the same and the instruments were the same as well. So what is the big difference? The major difference is that during the performance the conductor and the musicians were all following the same score or composition. They didn’t each play whatever they wanted, they followed a set plan. Simple isn’t it?

The point is that in the church vision is vital. How many are playing the same piece of music in your church? How many are doing their own thing? It doesn’t matter how talented people are, if we are not following the same playbook we will fail. Cast the vision. Train people on the vision. Insist on the vision. If you don’t you will always be tuning and never performing.