TBN – Collection has never been easier

I found this post via Monday Morning Insights.

I always say the I feel TBN is the new Comedy Central but as demonstrated by this post it might be the answer a myriad of problems. Here is a quote from the post.

Now, “like clockwork” customers who are behind on their payments for cable services usually call the company within 24 hours wondering what is wrong with their cable service, only to told that they must pay up if they wish to have any channels other that TBN.

“This is the greatest idea we’ve had in a long time” said Maezell. “We’ve literally saved thousands of dollars. And last week when TBN ran the non-stop Benny Hinn marathon people were calling in so fast we couldn’t keep up.”

“The rule stands” he said. “Either pay your bill or all you’ll be watching is TBN, twenty-four-seven.”

Why stop there. What other wrongs could we right by the disciplinary viewing of TBN. I think this is worth a study group.