How to Be Productive All the Time – Part 2 (of 6): Take Breaks

Do you ever feel like you are spinning your wheels? Sure you don’t feel that creative but there are things that you are sure need to be done. So what do you do? You sit there staring at a blank sheet of paper or screen which isn’t doing anyone any good.

Tip #2: Take a Break

Sometimes you just need to walk away and do something unproductive but still very helpful. Play! Do something that helps you relax or gets you thinking. Waste a little time on you. Not only will you get some much needed relaxation but you will find that it untangles the web that has been keeping you from making any progress.

Frequent small breaks and even the occasional long ones help you recharge your battery and regain perspective.

NOTE: Today some new Halo 3 maps come out. I am going to waste some time on me for the sake of better production. I like the sound of that.