Super Day! Super for whom?

My wife, Angela, recently started a new job for a company that she just loves working for. She is just two weeks out of the extremely long training that they have and she is still getting acclimated to the large amount of information that is necessary for her to do her job accurately. And then it happened. The company announced it was time for super days. It sounds like fun doesn’t it?

Here are the rules. You can’t ask any questions when you need help. You can submit your questions in writing as always but not verbally. Sit at your desk quietly and work fast. SUPER, as long as you don’t have any questions.

My wife and I were laughing about how it feels like the quiet seat prize from Sunday school for adults. Like calling it a “prize” or “super” somehow makes it less work and more like a party. It also got me thinking about how often the church has “Super Sundays”?. We tell everyone the answer that we have come upon and then close the discussion. Instead of being a safe place to seek God, the church at times is a place where we are tricked into thinking its fun to not ask questions.

At least in Sunday School I got a dollar for keeping my mouth shut.