Sunday Night Download

I haven’t written one of these in a long time but now that I mention it I haven’t been writing that much at all. This is mostly becuase there is just so much going on and I haven’t had time to write now have I had any idea which things to write about. Anyway here are a few things off the top of my head.

  • Service today was awesome! Anyone attending LifePoint can tell that God is doing something big and preparing to do even more.
  • Attendance over the past seven weeks has been amazing. We have more than doubled our average attendance during that this time. This is crazy. Last summer we didn’t even know if we woulld be able to pay our rent from week to the next. This summer we are growing when most churches attendance is at their low point.
  • Speaking of strange attendance trends. Today we had our highest attendance since our preview services…on a holiday weekend. Crazy!
  • We had 10 First Time guests this morning. Very cool.
  • It felt really good to preach again but I will still be taking the next three weeks off from it. First Sunday of August I will kicking it into full gear. Can’t wait.
  • Although I won’t be teaching these next few Sundays, I can promise you they will be services you don’t want to miss.
  • The last two Saturday’s we have been giving out free bottled water on the Greenway. It has been a great way to serve the community with no strings attached. Some great conversations have come from it. Jenny & Clark will be out there this Saturday doing it again.
  • Last week we finished the One Prayer series and our small congration took up $300.00 to contribute to the missions initiative. It not much but when you add it to the offerings of over 1,000 other churches, most much bigger than us, it is quite a bit.
  • This Saturday I have the honor of officating the wedding of TJ Fettig and Sarah Warren. These are two awesome LifePointers who taking there next step toward God in an awesome new adventure. Keep them in your prayers this week.
  • In two week I will be taking my first Sunday off from church in about 5 years in celebration of my birth. I am going to hate being away but I think it’s important that I do it every once in awhile. 

Well, that’s enough for now. Hopefully after this week I will get back into the swing of writing regularly again.