Sunday Night Download

  • Have you ever had high expectations and then felt like they were not reached. I felt like that with todays message.
  • In spite of my own feelings I was really encouraged by someone today who said that the message really helped them with their own doubts and the direction they were headed. Just goes to show that most preachers are the worst judge of how the message went.
  • I spent a good portion of the day working on Kevin and I added some new stuff to the main page such as links to the most recent blog posts, flickr picture pool and easier location of contact info in the footer.
  • Be looking for a lot of new stuff on the website or at least some easier ways to access information.
  • I just realized that I removed the “subscribe to the LifePoine E-News” link. I will work on getting that back tomorrow.
  • Angela and I were relaxing and watching T.V. when all of the sudden our 32″ LCD just turned off. I have no idea what’s wrong with it but I do know it won’t turn back on. I guess I will have to bring it to someone who might be able to fix it.
  • All this happens just a couple hours before the Oscars began, of course. We have been forced to revert to a vintage 27″ mammoth of a TV.
  • I am tired now so I think I will call it a night…at least from mentally strenuous activities.