Sunday Night Download

It has been hard to keep on top of blogging since I started my new job but I am trying to stay the course. Here have been a few things going on and on my mind.

  • We had a great service today!
  • Myk led worship in my place today which lifted a huge burden off of my shoulders. I think it really had an impact on my ability to present the message. There was a different kind of energy. It was pretty cool.
  • I am so grateful for our team. There may not be many of them but they get the job done and I would hate to attempt to do it with out them.
  • We finally put up a poster at the theater. It’s 24×36 inches right in the front center window. It looks pretty good but I designed it so I might be a little biased.
  • We launched our series “Religious vs. Spiritual” today and I thought it went really well. This is a passionate topic for some and can be difficult to cover but I think we laid some pretty solid ground work. Tomorrow I will post a bit of the message highlights on the topic.
  • In 3 weeks we are starting a series called “Heroes” that is basically talking about the potential within us all to be a hero where we live. This is going to be an interesting topic here in the conservative bible belt. In this series we will cover topics ranging from our homes, communities, politics, and the environment. This is also going to be a defining moment for LifePoint and our impact in the world we live in. I am extremely excited about this series.
  • I have to say that I love my new job and the people I work with. It’s refreshing to actually want to go to work. The only thing better would be to focus full-time on the church but that time is not yet upon us.
  • I think we were paying Kevin I would give him a raise. He has been doing an amazing job of keeping things together and keeping me on task during my job transition. There are a whole of things that I couldn’t do without him or at least I wouldn’t want to.
  • God is on the move at LifePoint and I just hope I can keep up.