Sub 200lbs – A huge milestone

I hadn’t been comfortable for along time. Tying my shoes, riding in the car, pretty much anything that caused me to bend made me very aware that something needed to change, but for one reason or another it just had not become a priority yet. One day when I stepped on the scale it was like I got slapped silly with a sack of fat. Only my body was the sack of fat. The scale read 244lbs. This was the heaviest I had ever been and all of sudden my priorities changed.

The thing you need to know is that I hadn’t really weighed over 135lbs all the way up until I was at least 25 years old. It was only a couple years before that I started my apparent lifelong vocation of sitting all day in front of a computer. I believe that and the lack of discipline to control the amount of food I was consuming is the reason the scale assaulted me that fateful day. My point is that even over a 10 year period, 110lbs is a lot weight to gain. I was skinny and could have used to put on a few pounds but definitely not 110 worth.

Over the next couple weeks I talked my wife into letting us buy a treadmill. I would turn on a movie or TV show on Netflix and walk for 30 to 75 minutes almost every day. I also started tracking how many calories I was eating. I was completely obsessed. It paid off too. I lost about 30lbs and people were starting to notice. Then the weight loss stalled. I was still doing everything I was before but nothing was changing and the holidays were quickly approaching.

My compulsive nature threw me off the treadmill and into something more interesting for the next 7 months. Prior to my lapse I had started to feel so much better that I think I lost sight of how far I had come.  It wasn’t until the beginning of April that I had climbed back to 228lbs and was feeling miserable again.

On April 30th I started seriously running (more on that in another post) and got back on track with losing weight.

Today my current weight is 199lbs!

It feels so good to reach such a huge milestone in my journey I started just over a year ago. It only now is starting to feel real for me.

What life changes are you making?