Struggles of a Bi-Vocational Pastor

There is trend that you can follow about me right here on this blog. When I am not writing frequently it is usually because I am struggling. When I haven’t written something within a couple days it means that I am out of focus, distracted, burned out, mixed up and any number of other things. It is at these times I just feel lost.

Pastor, do you have these seasons? Church goer, do find that sometimes you pastor seems distant or disconnected? I am sure this is not an uncommon occurrence at any church or for any pastor. But I am not any pastor. I am the pastor of LifePoint. I am bi-vocational. These are my struggles.

Each Friday, at least for a little while, I will share my bi-vocational struggles. At times I will share solutions I have come up with and other times I will have no solutions whatsoever. Your suggestions and opinions are welcome and in fact desired. My desire is to process some of my struggles so that I can grow and hopefully provide encouragement for those going through similar situations. I would love to also be able to share a little bit of perspective for those who attend churches with bi-vocational pastors. Below is a list of items I will touch on over the next several weeks. If you have any other struggles that you would like discussed please comment and I will try to address them. Here is my list so far.

  • Managing various roles
  • Wasting days off
  • Covered up by meetings & happenings
  • Juggling Relationships
  • Protecting the family
  • Discouragement
  • Building a team
  • Embracing failure

These are just a few of the topics I will be looking at. Again, if you know of something that is not on my list but ought to be, please comment. Until next week…